About the Chamber

The Chamber is a voluntary group of businesses within the township of Clearview. The Chamber works together as a group to make a bigger impact in the community. With eighty-plus members, we are able to take advantage of our partnerships to strengthen our presence in the community. As a group, we are able to leverage our resources, experiences, and skills to more successfully impact society.

We are not a BIA. Your participation is voluntary and no special tax levies are imposed on property owners in the business sector. We join because as a group we can make a difference that we can’t make all alone.

Membership with the Clearview Chamber of Commerce contributes to the economic health and growth of our area through events, partnerships, community projects and our voice with Clearview Township.

Money from the membership fees are used to fund the events and initiatives that draw people to the towns of Clearview, and to your business. The events also keep the community engaged and present to our local issues. Being a member helps your community thrive and grow by working together to maintain and build our commercial economy, create employment and provide important services.

The benefits that come with being a member truly outweigh the modest investment. Join the Clearview Chamber of Commerce and see the ability you have to make a bigger difference in our local economy.